Every year we re-evaluate the Core development workflow and open up for new people to join the effort to drive the TYPO3 Core development further. Maybe this year is your year to join?

In March 2019, we introduced a revised core development structure, consisting of four groups for coordinating TYPO3 Core development:

  • Core Initiatives
  • Component Mergers
  • Framework Mergers
  • Product Team

Changes in the Core Development Structure

In the past year, some initiatives have grown to their own teams (such as the Accessibility and UX Team), and some are not related to TYPO3 Core itself, widening the successful initiatives concept to the whole TYPO3 community structure. In addition, the Product Team stopped its activities in early 2022, and we're changing our structure to better reflect how work gets done in TYPO3:

  • Community Initiatives (previously Core Initiatives)
  • Component Mergers
  • Framework Mergers
  • Project Lead + Co-Lead (represented by Benni Mack and Oliver Hader respectively)

While the initiatives are a massive group of contributors with a dedicated goal to complete, the component mergers and framework mergers have a continuous responsibility to maintain the TYPO3 Core product and simultaneously move forward. We decided to have a yearly cycle, so new people can join and existing mergers can step down if their time schedule or motivation does not fit anymore.

New initiatives can be kickstarted by contacting the responsible people in charge within the TYPO3 Community and Association structure.

The Core Merger: Roles and Skills

Mergers are the people responsible for bringing changes from all contributors into TYPO3 Core—effectively merging changes into TYPO3 Core's Code Base. Whereas Framework Mergers are responsible for all parts of TYPO3 Core, Component mergers have a special and custom area, their own darling to put focus in this one place, and can shape the component with their own vision to make this area shine.

Ideally—if you want to apply—you are already used to the TYPO3 Core's Contribution workflow, and are familiar with the code structure of TYPO3 Core. You know how to fix a bug in Core and have done that in the past already. As TYPO3 Core is a community-driven open source project, you need to find a good schedule to fit into your own day. It is more important to have a predictable amount of available time than when and how much this is. Ideally your employer (if not self-employed) should provide a weekly time slot for you, as they will benefit from having a core developer in their team. If you feel like you want to contribute but can’t promise any dedicated time, we encourage you to get in touch with us to get the first steps and changes going before taking any responsibility.

Apply to Become a Core Merger

We are looking for 8 Framework Mergers as well as Component Mergers for the following components:

  • Accessibility (coordinating with the Accessibility Team)
  • Backend User Interface (coding in coordination with the UX Team)
  • CLI Integration & Composer Improvements
  • Documentation (coordinating with the Documentation Team)
  • Extbase + Plugin API
  • Fluid Engine & Templating Integration
  • Form Framework
  • Issue Tracking / Reporting
  • Persistence & Database Layer
  • Routing and URL Handling
  • SEO
  • Tests / Testing Framework
  • Workspaces & Editor Workflows

Every existing merger can apply. At the same time, I encourage new people to join our effort to make TYPO3 even better and take responsibility. TYPO3 is a true community-driven open source CMS, where developers can be at the heart of shaping the product!

You can apply starting today—our application form is available until May 15 2023, 23:59 CET.

We will also update our new structure and responsibilities page along with the new announcement of the new mergers.