Open Strategy Partners (OSP) is acting as Scrum master, and the project owner for the initiative is Mathias Bolt Lesniak.

In the early months of 2022, the Board members participated in a series of workshops facilitated by OSP, and worked together to create a list of TYPO3 Communication OKRs for 2022/23. 

What Are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results is a way to define measurable goals and track their outcomes. 

  • Objectives are what you want to achieve; the goals and intentions. These should be meaningful, inspiring, and can be audacious!
  • Key results are time-bound, measurable milestones on the way to achieving the objective.

OKRs work by breaking down a big, audacious goal into what and how. They keep you on track to meet your goals and achieve meaningful change.  The OKR methodology has been used by LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, and Microsoft. 

See the TYPO3 Communication OKRs

How Were The TYPO3 Communication OKRs Formulated?

Tracy Evans from OSP conducted a series of workshops for the TYPO3 Association Board, introducing the OKR methodology, and exploring how it could work for TYPO3.

Next, we discussed what the Objectives and Key Results should be for TYPO3. We agreed that the TYPO3 Communication OKRs should support these broader organizational goals:

  • Communicating the value of the TYPO3 project, products, and community.
  • Increasing the adoption of TYPO3.
  • Increasing TYPO3 contribution and participation of all kinds.

Lastly, we focussed on operationalizing the OKRs. This meant creating structures and plans for how we would achieve the goals. We decided to assign a person responsible for leading each OKR, and we’re hoping to recruit community members to contribute and help us achieve the goals.

Tracking and Managing the OKRs

OKRs need tracking and follow-up. OSP will act as Scrum master for the initiative, and provide facilitation, project management, reports, and issue tracking.

We are using a 12-month timeframe for our planning. Our current OKRs run from April 2022 to April 2023, so that they are aligned with the General Assembly.

The project is broken up into quarterly sprints and deadlines, and the first Board meeting of every month will be used for an update on the initiative from OSP.

Help Us Reach Our Goals 

We’re excited to try this new, structured approach to goal setting and believe it will help us work toward our communication goals in a transparent way. 

Stay tuned for updates. If you’d like to get involved and help us achieve our goals, check out the Communication OKRs page.

2022/2023 TYPO3 Communication OKRs