For the regular maintenance releases we have planned the following release schedule:

Planned Release DateMaintenance Version
2 November 2021v11.5.2
16 November 2021v11.5.3
14 December 2021v11.5.4
11 January 2022v11.5.5
8 February 2022v11.5.6
8 March 2022v11.5.7
12 April 2022v11.5.8
10 May 2022v11.5.9
14 June 2022v11.5.10
12 July 2022v11.5.11
9 August 2022v11.5.12
13 September 2022v11.5.13
11 October 2022v11.5.14
8 November 2022v11.5.15
13 December 2022v11.5.16
10 January 2023v11.5.17
14 February 2023v11.5.18
14 March 2023v11.5.19
11 April 2023v11.5.20
9 May 2023v11.5.21

You can mark the dates in your calendars, but also be aware of possible changes due to any security issues that might arise. Check back regularly on our "Maintenance Releases" page, which will be kept up-to-date.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me, Benni Mack (Twitter @bennimack, Slack "benni"), as TYPO3 Project Lead, directly or leave a comment below.