Meet Volker Graubaum (Part 3), Chief Product Officer, TYPO3, Germany (Application Podcast S1E13)



Community Products vs. Open Source Products

In Volker’s view, a community product like TYPO3 is a step beyond an open source project, in that there isn’t a single entity responsible for everything about it. Instead, there is a community behind it which helps decide where it could go and how to get there. Volker admits he is pushing a vision, summed up in the slogan “CMS for Everyone,” but that vision is the community’s vision. He says, “The main vision of TYPO3 is that we want to deliver fast and great content to the people. And that vision came from the community, it was not defined by me or by a company. And I just had to bring it to life, and think about how we can do that together with others.” 

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