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Software Entwicklung & Support

Ein breites Spektrum an Erfahrungen und Techniken bieten die Grundlage für meine Leistungen. Ob System Upgrades z.B. typo3 4.5 auf 6.2 oder 8.7, API Deisgn für Integrierte Anwendungen auch in SAPUI5. 


Einführung des "continuous integration process" bei tp3 verspricht höcher Qualität bei flexiblerer Leistung!


Bei Fragen eine email @ thomasruta.de

News System



The call of businesses is strong and well-known—young tech talents are needed! But enticing a young audience to choose the path of IT and having them follow it isn’t a matter of throwing money around and getting instant rewards. Growth needs fostering. The Open Source community has its own established way of handling this challenge:

  • Share
  • Engage
  • Collaborate

Fostering growth is a matter of opportunities. Can we provide a young audience with the chance to meet interesting people? Can we create an atmosphere where individual interest is accounted for and learning is perceived as a chance not as chore?

The Open Source community can provide these opportunities, thanks to supseven agency owner Atilla János and his team, who have hosted the TYPO3 Camp Vienna since 2016. Traditionally, the camp is held in the halls of the University of Vienna thanks to the cooperation and support of  Raman Ganguly, a member of the TYPO3 Academic Committee.

Let’s look at some testimonials from this year’s event:


Event host supseven sponsored full event tickets for the two top-rated students in Vienna on SkillDisplay.

“As organizers, it is a great pleasure and an obligationfor us to give young talents the opportunity to come into contact and exchange with the TYPO3 community, and thus become enthusiastic about open source ideas.”

—Attila János


Earlybird currently employs two students (one former and one active) from HTL 3 Rennweg Vienna

“For me it was the first TYPO3 Camp. I am very enthusiastic about the community idea, and I am grateful for the many inputs I got. It’s not always easy to work at the same time as school, but the HTL prepared me very well for my work and Earlybird is very flexible and supportive.”

—Nicoletta Sarzi-Sartori

“In our projects we attach great importance to high professionalism and sustainable implementation of customer requirements. We appreciate the excellent education and the positive motivation that students of the HTL Rennweg bring to this.”

—Matthias Hinner


i-kiu currently employs one active student from the HTL 3 Rennweg Vienna.

“The TYPO3 Camp Vienna is an exciting opportunity to network with web development experts. I greatly appreciate our school's efforts in connecting me with this industry sector and its correlating agencies."

—Nils Schneider-Sturm

“We at i-kiu consider the practical training from the HTL Rennweg on the pulse of the times. They give their students a wide range of practical knowledge. This helps them and our company to respond flexibly to future challenges. Through the use of Open Source software in school, the students have the opportunity to catch an early look on in large software projects such as TYPO3.”

—Oliver Krammer


Webprofi[l] currently employs two active students from the HTL Krems.

“We are especially enthusiastic about many different scenarios in which TYPO3 can be used. That's why we decided to get in touch with web development at Webprofil, to get as many impressions as possible for our further life.”

—Jonas Nagelmair

Want to Host Your Own? 

Are you interested in starting a similar successful cooperation? The TYPO3 Education Committee has the tools for you:

  • Free and ready-to-use exercises in user story format for use in educational facilities and agencies (also with IT basics beyond TYPO3, like OOP PHP, and Symfony).
  • Ready-to-use competency/skill definitions for cherry picking, empowering you to create your training syllabus or detailed job offer with a couple of clicks, or via a public API.

Join a Cooperation

Express your interest in joining a cooperation between education and business in your area by emailing the Education Committee at florian.weiss(at)typo3.org.