Report from the Board QSA—April 2020

Although the Board meets online every two weeks throughout the year, it is necessary with longer physical meetings for in-depth and strategic discussions. These two-day meetings (called QSAs) happen three to four times a year. After this year’s first QSA was canceled due to a severe storm over Germany, and the alternative date was canceled due to the COVID-19 (Corona) crisis, we decided to hold this meeting online.

All board members were able to take part, and we organized it as 90-minute plenary sessions followed by work on individual tasks or meetings in small groups.

Preparing the General Assembly

We spent much time preparing the general assembly, not only laying out the agenda and creating one common presentation, but also testing the technical platform and voting technology.

The chosen software, GoToWebinar, worked well, and we created a sign-up form and sent out unique meeting links to ensure that the participants of the General Assembly were all members of the Association and eligible for voting.