Server Team Status Report—March 2020

From March 13–15, 2020, the TYPO3 Server Team organized a combined team sprint for their quarterly real-life meeting at the office of Ops One in Zürich, Switzerland.

We take this opportunity to report on the recent changes in the TYPO3 Server Team, the website, and other infrastructure topics.

New Team Leader for the Server Team

After more than ten years, Michael Stucki is handing over the team leadership to Andri Steiner. Michael writes:

Andri has been a member of the team for seven years. He contributed a lot of time and know-how to the TYPO3 project, such as having a new (and great!) web server stack, which has been in use for more than three years for

I have had the pleasure to work with Andri for more than 15 years, or, in other words, for eight versions of Debian stable. During that time, I have learned a lot from Andri (and hopefully he learned some bits from me too).

While stepping down as team leader, I will continue to work in the TYPO3 server team as a fully motivated team member.

I wish Andri a lot of success and satisfaction in his new role and thank him for stepping up!