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was ist tp3

Software Entwicklung & Support

Ein breites Spektrum an Erfahrungen und Techniken bieten die Grundlage für meine Leistungen. Ob System Upgrades z.B. typo3 4.5 auf 6.2 oder 8.7, API Deisgn für Integrierte Anwendungen auch in SAPUI5. 


Einführung des "continuous integration process" bei tp3 verspricht höcher Qualität bei flexiblerer Leistung!


Bei Fragen eine email @ thomasruta.de

News System

Previously, the TYPO3 group for QA Best Practices was a loose group financed via budgets every year. We recently asked the TYPO3 Association to become an official team, and we are pleased to report that we are now official! Find out what’s changing and why we are looking forward to you joining our team.

Benefits From Becoming a Team

Becoming an official team means that we now have a new team page typo3.org, The TYPO3 Best Practices Team

This lets us share all the information about our team, including our mission, rules, how we work, and our active members. Previously, a lot of this information was well-hidden in the Documents folder of our Git repo. We’ll also be able to use our page to communicate news from the team.

The other main benefit of becoming an official team means that our budget now relies on the  TYPO3 Association Board rather than the yearly voting process. This gives us peace of mind and we can focus on getting work done.

Get To Know Us

You might not have heard about us yet, even though we have been active for several years already. Head to our new team page, The TYPO3 Best Practices Team to find out more about us. You can also check out Oliver Klee’s talk, Automating the code quality of your extensions from TYPO3 Online Days 2021, to get a feel for what the team stands for.

Join and Help Us

We are looking for new members, and everyone is welcome to join our team. We are currently lacking expertise in the following areas:

  • Docker/Podman
  • Intermediate GitLab-CI and GitHub Actions
  • Acceptance testing
  • Frontend interaction (forms, flash messages, validation, …)
  • Improving the documentation

You are welcome to open new issues and pull requests

We also invite you to lurk in the TYPO3 Slack Channel (#qa-best-practices) and join our bi-weekly calls within that channel. 

Most things happen within the repository and our bi-weekly calls, so you might not get much out of lurking within the channel alone.

You can find all this information, including the details of our next call, on our new team page.