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was ist tp3

Software Entwicklung & Support

Ein breites Spektrum an Erfahrungen und Techniken bieten die Grundlage für meine Leistungen. Ob System Upgrades z.B. typo3 4.5 auf 6.2 oder 8.7, API Deisgn für Integrierte Anwendungen auch in SAPUI5. 


Einführung des "continuous integration process" bei tp3 verspricht höcher Qualität bei flexiblerer Leistung!


Bei Fragen eine email @ thomasruta.de

News System



The Structured Content Initiative is the core Strategic Initiative focused on improving the content editing user experience in TYPO3 CMS. Read our last update to learn more about what we’ve been working on. 

Connect to TYPO3 Slack and join us in the #cig-ux channel to discuss the pilot.

The New TYPO3 UX Initiative

The work we started in the UX group of the Structured Content Initiative developed beyond the original scope of the initiative. Therefore, a new TYPO3 UX Initiative was launched on September 15, 2021.

The TYPO3 UX Initiative will address important UX topics and issues in the backend interface. In order to achieve this transformation, we first need to establish a user testing and feedback workflow. The purpose of this pilot is to test our proposed UX feedback workflow. 

Stay tuned! A more detailed article about this team will be published soon.

Updates to The Page Module

As outlined in our last update, we have been working on several topics over the past few months:

  • A simplified page module
  • A new wizard for adding content to pages
  • A dynamic grid system

We have been working on patches for the first two topics, and you can view a demo video of these patches in action.